"Everyone needs to be more aware of the vitamins and nutrients on which children thrive.  Parents can help shape good eating habits, but they also need to empower their children to understand good nutrition, so that the children can make their own good choices.  RexNFoodbot would make an excellent addition for your iPad in 2013, and that’s why we make it a Top Pick." - Fun Educational Apps  

27. 12. 2012
"The objective of RexNFoodbot is truly admirable. Their aim in instilling great nutritional awareness to kids is truly timely and helpful. Parents might want to consider this when you’re searching the app store for games for kids. This deserves a spot on my list of “great apps for learning.” Good job." - Applatter

"Sweet animations and a great summer theme make this little math app a nice to have game, as it allows your kid to learn a thing or two about sorting, addition, subtraction or pattern recognition." - Fun2tap

"Numbers + Marine Life = Excellent Educational Tool for Kids" - Applatter

"This is a good application for children to learn Math."- Dailyappshow

" Overall, this is an easy to use and stress-free math app with great  support for the beginner math student.  With many items  that remind your child of his summer fun at the beach and a relaxing music in the background, your child will want to visit  Dory’s Math Ocean over and over again." -  The  iMums

"If you have a young child who plays with your iPhone this app is definitely worth the purchase because it will occupy them in a fun and educational way. Our 4 year old tester couldn't put it down." - iPhone App Review

"Math Ocean is positive, enchanting, and all-around good fun for kids at that tender age where they need support to develop confidence in math." -  tapscape

"Apart from its delightful animation, Math Ocean also boasts relaxing original music that should easily appeal to kids. The app also uses positive reinforcement to motivate them to learn more." -  What's  On iPhone

"The level of the questions is suitable and provide a funny way to let my son learn maths!" - Roth_1980

"My kid loves the colorful and cute sea creatures very much. He enjoys each game especially the subtraction." - Kandysc

"Clear  instruction and easy to use. It's a well rounded app to support kids' math learning." -  A kid's mum

" Overall Math Ocean is a beautifully designed app that encourages kids to learn and practice math while they enjoy the graphics and musical background with dictation of questions." - IPhoneFootPrint

"Great graphic and easy to engage the kids. Low price means its a good bargain" -  Daddy_steve

"The app is well designed with beautiful graphic. I love Dory and her friends as they are really cute and helpful" - Thoughtarts

"Math Ocean is a great math app that supports kids’ math learning. It allows kids to practice addition, subtraction, sorting, pattern and shape  recognition via a fun game play along with musical background… And, if you are looking for a well rounded apps using math word problem then you  should check out Math Ocean!" - Fun Educational Apps

"Math Ocean is a simple yet effective app for teaching pre-school or kindergarten children about basic addition and subtraction as well as basic shapes and pattern recognition needed for them to develop important skills that could be used in school." - iheartthisapp

"It's big and bright and bold and easy to use and might just be the thing to keep your children amused while they are being educated."

"Dory is a cute character and it’s fun to have her presenting the math problems."  - The iPhone Mom
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